Friday, August 8, 2008

So In Love

Has it only been two days? I have been knitting joyfully along on my cardigan (as you can see I am well into the first sleeve) and loving how it is developing. When I held up the left front to check for size, it seems absolutely perfect. Admittedly I had been a bit nervous about it, since I have chosen a size that is somewhat smaller than me. See, I have made garter stitch garments before, and I know that if you make the size you are, then it will hang on you like a stiff sack and not show off the bootylicious curves. When I looked over this pattern initially, I figured that the size Large (with a circumference 6 inches less than my own circumference) would give it just enough stretch to look good, but hopefully not so much that it will look like I am wearing a sweater borrowed from Kate Moss. I mean, if you look at the photo accompanying the pattern, I think it is pretty clearly snug over her bust and looser around the waistline. Since this pattern is shaped as an A-line, clearly I must choose a size that fits the waist, more or less, and is a bit smaller than my bust and my hips (see how it sits comfortably open at the hip, too?) Well, that's my theory, anyway. If I am wrong, then one of my slightly smaller friends might be inheriting a really adorable sweater in the fall.

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