Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If Lampshades Wore Berets

then this picture would make more sense. I have draped the Mystery Shawl over this lampshade to try to get a decent photo of the third clue completed. The first two clues are above the top edge so you can't see them -- it's getting to be a good size. If you don't believe me, you can count the stitches: it's now up to 576 per round. Yikes. The clue I just completed only had 288 stitches per round (only!) so this upcoming one will go even slower than that one did, despite that little heat wave breaking, which means I can knit without sweaty little hands.

Having finished my Requiem quilt, my mind is racing with a million ideas for things I want to do next. This is probably partly from meandering through the many blogs I like to keep up with, since so many crafty people are doing so many creative things. There is such an abundance of inspiration in blogland, if only I had a corresponding amount of time and money. Meantime, the fabric for my next quilt is partly sorted, but not yet cut up into strips and/or triangles. Until I get some matching thread, I can't get much further than that, anyway. Watch for more pictures soon...

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