Sunday, September 4, 2011

Castle Stark socks

I've been wanting to knit the Yarn Harlot's Lenore Socks for years, really. Unfortunately Blue Moon isn't offering their patterns for sale as pdf files, yet, and I always forget to add one to my cart when I do a yarn order from them. They had some copies of the pattern at their booth in the Sock Summit Marketplace, so I happily snagged one. I poked around the booth to see if they had a nice skein of their Raven yarn to knit them, but Haida was what I had my heart set on, and there was none. I decided to use the opportunity to try out a new yarn. I looked high and low for nice black yarns at various booths, and came really close to getting a luxurious one at Fiber Optic, but ultimately I decided to try out Cascade Heritage sock yarn in a charcoal grey, instead.

As you can see, the top of the sock has these fantastic peaks that flow down into gothic arches. The sock was very simple to knit, particularly once past the design on the cuff. I used a few different needle sizes to change the sizing a bit, making it wider for my calf. The Heritage yarn knit up very nicely with the 2.25mm needles I used for the ankle and foot, and it seems to wear very well. I have one more skein that I picked up at the Webs booth at the Summit. It may well become my inexpensive ($12 a pair) go-to sock yarn.

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