Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Socks for Summit

Oh my gosh, it's been how long since I posted?! I guess I lost the blogging mojo for a while, there. My crafting mojo hasn't disappeared, but I haven't been taking photos, mostly, so there's been nothing much to show for it.

I went a little crazy just prior to my trip to Sock Summit 2011, obsessively knitting to try to finish my Traveling Sweater for the trip. I succeeded, but I was pretty burned out by it. Photos of that will have to be another day - suffice to say it was a hit: for me personally by keeping me warm on the plane (where I usually freeze my buns off) and also for my fellow knitters at the Summit, where it garnered a few compliments. For the record, my Honeybee cardigan was the most popular of all my knitted items at Summit - I was pretty proud to have so many compliments on that one.

Choosing a project for the trip was easy - I always choose simple stockingette socks for traveling, since they are mindless and small and portable. This time I grabbed another skein of self-striping yarn from Biscotte & Cie, and cast on. Nothing fancy, just a toe-up stockingette sock with afterthought heels. They were perfect for airport lounges, airplanes, and classes at Sock Summit. They are also perfect for sitting around, enjoying the last precious hours of my vacation.

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