Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baking Whoopie

Suddenly today I had a craving for whoopie pies. They've been all over blogland for ages, but today they got in my head and wouldn't go away. I did some internet searching to find a recipe that I liked, and I found this one at the Omnomicon which is apparently an old family recipe. A bonus of being a bakerly type person is that I have all that stuff in my apartment, at the ready, and nothing keeping me from combining them into some fluffy little treasures.

In no time flat, I had made some perfect little round cakey cookies and a bowl of creamy sweet filling and sandwiched them all together. I might have eaten one before the rest were all assembled. Just what the doctor ordered. I mean, if the doctor was PMS. Which it is.


Michelle said...

THAT looks like something Ben would love! I think I just won't show him this post on your blog! *evil grin*

BettyBoop said...

UMMMMM,too bad you live so far away, I could eat one of those cookies right now. And look at all those twinkley gifts wrapped up in the background.